A N N A - T I A B U S S


In Belgrade the capital of Serbia, the post war atmosphere is still present. The young generation struggles with the unstable economic and political system. Since educational reforms were made, the students sense a decrease in the quality of the university programs and fear that this will not be solved in the next years as the state has other priorities.
I wanted to meet young women from my generation, in their twenties. I was amazed by the positive energy and strength of those girls. They have a lot of dreams and hopes for the future, all of them wishing that the situation in Serbia gets better and that they might have a future in their home country. Some of them already know that they will have to leave their families and friends in order to find work in their study field. I asked them to write down their thoughts and hopes for the next five years and incorporated those in my photography project.
Through a collaboration we created the portraits together, choosing objects that they found appropriate to represent them. Inspired by the aesthetic of Kings and Queen paintings I asked them to dress up with uncommon objects they had in their homes, where I photographed them.


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