A N N A - T I A B U S S

I never realized is an on-going project questioning the relationship we have to our own bodies in regards to beauty standards. These collective voices give weight to the individual one, in the collective the private becomes political.

Mixing audio visual materials the viewer is invited to explore this collection of stories.

For people interested in participating you can reach out over the contact for here 

Interview presenting the project done by SRF Kultur ( in German). 

Exhibition views

I never realized exhibited at Jungkunst, Winterthur Switzerland

I never realized exhibited at OnCurating Zürich, Switzerland

I never realized exhibited at the Indian Photofest 2019, Hyderabad India.

I never realized exhibited at the Kunstpavillion, Lucerne Switzerland.

I never realized shown at the Photoforum Pasquart, Biel, Switzerland.


I never realized published in Tagesanzeiger Newspaper March 2022

I never realized published in November 2018 issue of Marie Claire, Hungary.

Included in the Conceptual section of the International Photography Magazine 

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