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Call for participation for my on-going project

I am looking for people based in Switzerland to participate in my photography project. This work is part of my investigation on beauty standards, especially in regards to your relationship with your own body.

At this stage I have about 30 people who have shared their stories. I am planning to make a book out of the work and aiming to collect 60 stories in total. In the first part of the project I focused on showing women only, but now I am including everyone who feels they have a story to contribute. 

Each participant tells me the story they want to share or through a discussion we decide together what makes the most sense. Then I take a portrait and a Polaroid image of one part the body relating to the anecdote that the participant feels comfortable sharing.  

Please let me know a little about yourself and what experience you would like to share. It would be great if you could include your age and in which city you are based. I am looking forward to meeting you very soon and continuing working on this project together!

Bellow you find the current online project for further exploration of the topic. 

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